What is it?

Minimally invasive procedure that helps treat spinal fractures.
Typically done alongside vetebroplasty.
Sometimes known as “cementing the spine”.
Reinforces weakened spinal column.
Including osteoporosis, general loss of bone density, cancer, etc.
**Not used as a preventative measure, but a reactive one**.
Consult with the doctor to see if this procedure is right for you!

How does it work?

The procedure, while minimal, is invasive. This is typically done with sedation due to its nature and complexity, and may take some time to complete. A needle will be introduced into the patient’s back where the site of the injury/fractures are discovered and identified (via bone-imaging services). The first half – the Kyphoplasty – introduces a pocket-like balloon into the site. Once the balloon is in place, the second half begins – the Vertebroplasty. A cement-mixture is delicately added in. It will be distributed to help fill wherever might need the extra reinforcement to make sure that the body’s natural healing-process restores the fracture to its proper place. The injection is then removed, the site of insertion bandaged up, and the patient is helped to a bed or seat where they can recover. The length of time for the entire procedure may vary based on how many vertebrae are fractured, along with other factors during the session.

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