Personal Injury

At Aspen Orthopedic Pain and Spine, our main goal is to get you out of pain and back into enjoying life. For this reason, Dr. Greg Condie works as a pain physician for personal injury cases and care. We work with both individual patients, as well as personal injury attorneys.

Dr. Greg Condie is a Board Certified Pain Physician and Aspen Orthopedic Pain and Spine is a registered pain management facility, both of which add significant value to personal injury cases. Additionally, our office staff is familiar with the insurance claims, personal injury protection (PIP), and the other various ins and outs of personal injury cases.

Finally, Aspen Orthopedic Pain and Spine provides treatment to patients on a lien basis, meaning that you can seek treatment immediately without upfront payments or medical insurance. This allows us to offer you the treatment you need as soon as you need it.

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